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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Clintons people used BleachBit to wipe emails on their servers claiming even God cant see them
  • Learn About Blind SQL Injection Exploit for Knowledge Purpose
  • DNS Data Exfiltration and Botnet Command and Control Structures
  • telnet honeypot collecting creds telnet brute force on the rise
  • Congressman to FCC Fix phone network flaw that allows eavesdropping
  • Trading in stock of medical device paused after hackers team with short seller
  • What CISOs need to incorporate into cloud servicelevel agreements SearchSecurity TechTarget TechTarget
  • Read between the lines of providers cloud security assessments TechTarget
  • Government Hackers Caught Using Unprecedented iPhone Spy Tool
  • Leslie Jones has website hacked
  • Tom Hiddlestons Instagram Account Gets Hacked E Online
  • Industry Reactions to Shadow Brokers Leak Feedback Friday
  • FSecures Mikko Hypponen Talks Cyber Crime and Cyber Unicorns
  • IPhone Users Urged to Update Software After Security Flaws Are Found
  • Information Commissioner to investigate data sharing between WhatsApp and Facebook
  • DarkAudacity gives Audacitys classic audio editor a UI update
  • Ubuntu Linux 16.10 Yakkety Yak Beta 1 now available for download dont talk back
  • Report from CERTIn suggets over 8000 websites hacked in JanMarch The Indian Tribune
  • Clinton tweets support for Ghostbusters star after website hacked . The Hill blog
  • Details emerge on Cefalu EyeTech of Green breach
  • OCR closes investigation of Bizmatics Inc. breach
  • When is a PHI breach reported to HHS not a breach of PHI
  • IL They agreed to serve now their personal information has been leaked
  • Director at Citizens in Ohio Resigns Over Email Server Dispute
  • Prosthetic Orthotic Care patient info remains publicly exposed
  • Using an Old Dropbox Password Time for a Update
  • Dropbox tells users Update old passwords now
  • Ramnit Trojan targeting UK banks reactivated
  • Ramnit Trojan Resurgence Now Complete as v2 Targets UK Banks
  • VBS DwnLdrOEG
  • Troj PDFUriHZ
  • Troj LockyJH
  • Troj AutoItBRH
  • JS DwnLdrOHX
  • Troj DocDlEON
  • Troj AgentATGE
  • JS DwnLdrOHY
  • Troj MSILHXZ
  • US Secret Service Alerts Millennium and Noble House Hotels and Resorts of Suspected Data Breach
  • 2016 Gartner Magic Quadrant Report for SolidState Arrays
  • Vuln Accellion Kiteworks Multiple Security Vulnerabilities
  • Vuln Apple Mac OS X watchOS iOS tvOS Incomplete Fix Multiple Buffer Overflow Vulnerabilities
  • Son of Russian MP Convicted on Hacking Charges
  • Dropbox Resetting User Passwords But Says No Breach Has Occurred
  • NA USN30691 Eye of GNOME vulnerability
  • NA CVE20165683 ReadyDesk 9.1 allows local users to determine.
  • Critical RHSA2016 1776 java1.6.0openjdk security update
  • Medium CVE20165023 Virtual servers in F5 BIGIP systems 11.2.1.
  • Medium CVE20161497 The Configuration utility in F5 BIGIP systems.
  • Medium CVE20165383 The web UI in Red Hat CloudForms 4.1 allows.
  • NA CVE20164119 Adobe Reader and Acrobat before 11.0.16.
  • NA CVE20164378 The 1 Device Manager 2 Tiered Storage.
  • NA CVE20164266 Adobe Reader and Acrobat before 11.0.17.
  • NA CVE20165048 SQL injection vulnerability in.
  • NA CVE20164268 Adobe Reader and Acrobat before 11.0.17.
  • NA CVE20165049 Directory traversal vulnerability in.
  • NA CVE20164270 Adobe Reader and Acrobat before 11.0.17.
  • NA CVE20165050 Unrestricted file upload vulnerability in.
  • NA CVE20164265 Adobe Reader and Acrobat before 11.0.17.
  • NA CVE20165662 Accellion Kiteworks appliances before.


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