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  • I was just asked to crack a program in a job interview
  • Indepth How CloudFlare promises SSL securitywithout the key
  • California breaks new ground in education privacy law with K12 student data . Lexology registration
  • 5 data security tips for healthcare providers South Florida Business Journal blog
  • Why Investors Need to Take a Closer Look at This Security Solutions Provider
  • Is NSA Planning to Beef up Cyber Response Capabilities Nextgov
  • Unintended disclosure paper records loss most common data breaches Study Business Insurance
  • In the NFV era Cisco bolsters its physical firewall to stay competitive FierceEnterpriseCommunications
  • Online piracy thrives in Internet cloud study Update Phys.Org
  • Apple omits warrant canary from latest transparency report suggesting Patriot Act data demands made
  • Incident Response Plans Lacking in Many Organizations Survey
  • Apples New Encryption to Lock Out Government
  • OWASP Releases New Testing Guide
  • Medical Records For Sale in Underground Stolen From Texas Life Insurance Firm
  • In Home Depot Breach Investigation Focuses on SelfCheckout Lanes
  • Chinese Government Hacked into Civilian Airlines says US Senate
  • B1 File Manager adds streaming support
  • Simple Secure open source security organization backed by Google and Dropbox
  • TMobile reveals Samsung Galaxy Note 4s US availability and price
  • Political infighting may stifle your Internet speed
  • Microsoft drops Windows Dev Center fee expect a crap app avalanche
  • China hacked US Army transport orgs TWENTY TIMES in ONE YEAR Register
  • UPDATE 4Chinese hacked US military contractors Senate panel finds Reuters
  • China Denies Hacking Charges by US Senate Committee Reports RIA Novosti
  • Senate China hacked military contractor networks Update Phys.Org
  • China refutes US hacking charges Xinhua
  • China calls US hacking charges groundless irresponsible Times of India
  • Chinese hacked US military contractors Senate panel Reuters
  • Surprise CIOs Were using way more unauthorized cloud apps than you think
  • with ios 8 apple starts a privacy play
  • Microsoft Security Bulletin Minor Revisions Issued September 18 2014
  • Huawei shifts focus from communications to IT as it looks to engage with CIOs
  • BitTorrent Bleeps serverless peertopeer messaging enters public alpha
  • Ig Nobels promise scientific silliness x2013 which is kind of the point
  • V3 Security Summit 64bit Miras malware caught hitting Europeanbased IT firm
  • Big data security analytics still immature say security experts
  • Mastercard voice and face recognition acheives 98 success rate
  • US military logistics arm breached by Chinalinked hackers
  • Troj TusmedG
  • Troj JSRedirPC
  • Troj InjectBCS
  • Troj MsilInjDJ
  • Can IVR Destroy The Customer Experience
  • Apple CEO Tim Cook Says Company Dedicated to Protecting Users Privacy
  • Dyre Trojan Caught In The Cookie Jar
  • New Initiative Simply Secure Aims to Make Security Tools Easier to Use
  • Chinese Penetrate TRANSCOM Amid Lack of Data Sharing
  • CVE Identifiers Make Room For a Few More Digits
  • OWASP Releases Latest App Sec Guide
  • Should Governments Control the Internet
  • 5 Things Small Businesses Need To Know This Fall Manufacturing Business Technology
  • This New Internet Security Tool Guards Goldman Sachs From Eavesdroppers Wired
  • Why Do People Think Apple Pay Is So Innovative When An Equivalent Has Been Part Of Android For Two Years
  • Snowdens NSA leaks have galvanised the storage world
  • at CloudExpo Network Security Is It Time to Think Like a Thief by at McAfee SYSCON Media press release
  • VMware Updates SoftwareDefined Data Center Lineup NewsFactor Network
  • CloudFlare Unveils Keyless SSL CIO Today
  • Vuln Multiple Apple Products CVE20144377 PDF Handling Integer Overflow Vulnerability
  • NA CVE20144421 The networkstatistics interface in the kernel.
  • NA CVE20144352 Address Book in Apple iOS before 8 relies on.


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