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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Introducing Gupt A Backdoor which uses Wireless network names for command execution
  • The long game How hackers spent months pulling bank data from JPMorgan
  • IDC reports endpoint security market is booming but isnt antivirus dead TechTarget
  • TrapX Secures Expanding Partner Base Channelnomics
  • Cloud Computing Stocks Cloud services market is expected to grow to $555 . press release
  • Unisys DaaS Brings CloudBased Services to VMware Horizon The VAR Guy
  • Salad Words Spam Run Exploits Unlikely Resources
  • Chrome 38 Beta makes userswitching feature more visible adds 64bit support to OS X and Windows
  • Anonymous Hacker FamedGod Twitter Deleted and ISIS Terrorist Lizard Squad . Classicalite
  • Joystiq Deals Elite Android Hacker Bundle Joystiq
  • JP Morgan Chase hacked plus unnamed other banks ConsumerAffairs
  • Suspect Phishing Chase Bank says to click links
  • Bifrose Backdoor Variant Uses Tor May Work Against It
  • Turkey Heavily Affected by Gameover Zeus and Sality Malware
  • Troj FareitCY
  • Troj AgentAIJS
  • Troj LimitailP
  • Troj TrustezB
  • Troj TrustezD
  • Troj UpatreES
  • Troj ZbotIVK
  • W32 VobfusDV
  • Trojan.Startpage.AK
  • BlueSprig Toolbar
  • Genesis
  • Vuln Jinja2 Incomplete Fix Insecure File Permissions Vulnerability
  • Vuln Stunnel CVE20140016 PRNG Initialization Weakness
  • Backoff Sinkhole Reveals Sorry PointofSale Security
  • Robert Hansen on Aviator Search Revenue and the $250000 Security Guarantee
  • LookoutDeals New Product Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 VirtualStrategy Magazine press release
  • China seeks ways to protect public Internet security Xinhua
  • The long game How hackers spent months pulling bank data from JPMorgan Ars Technica
  • Vuln Oracle MySQL Server CVE20142484 Remote Security Vulnerability
  • Vuln Oracle MySQL Server CVE20144243 Remote Security Vulnerability
  • Vuln Oracle MySQL Server CVE20144240 Local Security Vulnerability
  • NA CVE20145247 The UpgradeBeforeConfigurationChange function.
  • Medium GLSA20140813 Jinja2 Multiple vulnerabilities
  • Medium GLSA20140814 stunnel Information disclosure
  • NA CVE20105110 in Poppler before 0.13.3 allows.
  • NA CVE20142390 Crosssite request forgery CSRF vulnerability.
  • NA CVE20145119 Offbyone error in the gconv translit find.
  • NA CVE20145147 Xen 4.4.x when running a 64bit kernel on an.
  • Appeals court denies Oracle request to restore $1.3 billion judgment against SAP
  • Apple health app protocol bars developers from selling user info
  • Experts discover variant of BIFROSE backdoor in targeted attack
  • FTC seeks public comment on adult verification company AgeCheq
  • IEEE Computer Society shares top security design flaws
  • Syrian Malware Team makes use of enhanced BlackWorm RAT
  • CryptoWall surpasses CryptoLocker in infection rates
  • Podcast Explaining CISSP value to infosec pros
  • JPMorgan hack said to start months ago
  • Is Digititis still a greater threat to the online world than cyberattack
  • Surface Pro Firmware and Driver Packs for Deployment Removed without Warning
  • Scratch The Surface And Were All Paleo Animals 100witf
  • Topics from Cybersecurity Bootcamp 1 Cyber Hygiene
  • Cell Phone Kill Switches Mandatory in California
  • 6 Ways Young Upstarts Can Get Their Big Security Break
  • HTC rumored to launch smartwatch in September
  • TMobile pegs Uncarrier 7 on Sept. 10 a day after iPhone event
  • Google moves Mac Chrome users to 64bit sans old plugins


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