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  • USA Freedom Act is blocked but NSA will stop phone data collection anyway
  • Naked Security Sophos You STILL support encryption designed to be crackable in 1995 60 Sec Security VIDEO
  • Adult FriendFinder Hack Has Compromised Your Sexual Orientation And Other . Tech Times
  • NETWORK SECURITY Adult Dating Site Hack Exposes Personal Data of Millions CIO Today
  • NSA Planned To Hijack Google Play Store Hack Android Phones NewsFactor Network
  • NSAs collection of phonecall data could be cut off for a time
  • NSA bulk phone records slurp to end when law lapses next month report
  • Are Spy Agencies Planning to Hack Into Your Mobile Apps Science Times
  • NEWS ALERT Senate blocks USA PATRIOT Act reauthorization
  • NitlovePOS Another New POS Malware
  • Remote code execution when deserializing Java dynamic proxy objects
  • A useful tool in todays world of emerging threats.
  • FloppyDrive Security Flaw Sends Cloud Companies Scrambling Wall Street Journal blog
  • Ticking time bomb in 637000 cars
  • FBI investigates as phantom cab rides appear on hacked British Uber accounts The Guardian
  • Spotify rolls out an improved mobile app
  • US Govt proposes to classify cybersecurity or hacking tools as weapons of war
  • Amazon decides to start paying tax in the UK
  • One of the largest NSFW online dating sites was just hacked New York Post
  • Senate blocks NSA surveillance reform bill
  • ULCC DDoS attack causes IT meltdown for millions of students
  • Androids faulty factory reset tool leaves 500 million users open to attack
  • The human cost of the Adult Friend Finder data breach
  • Troj LnkI
  • Troj RansomAUX
  • Troj EccKryptC
  • Troj MSILCZV
  • Troj VBIQF
  • Troj ZbotJQX
  • Troj AgentANHT
  • Senate blocks House surveillance bill twomonth extension
  • Kaspersky offers data protection for 100 smart cities plan Big News
  • More Thoughts on How to Write a Constitutional Revenge Porn Law
  • Huawei Unveils Advance Persistent Threat Big Data Security Solution at Huawei . Jakarta Post
  • Data breach insurance can be tricky San Antonio ExpressNews subscription
  • Spy Agencies Target Links to Google Mobile App Stores Reports Claim eWeek
  • NA DSA3272 ipsectools security update
  • NA DSA3271 nbd security update
  • SolarWinds Network Performance Monitor Open Redirect
  • WordPress Video Gallery 2.8 Unprotected Mail Page youtube
  • SAP ERPScan XXE Injection XSS Missing Authorization
  • Newsletter 4.3 SQL Injection
  • US Senate blocks NSA surveillance reform bill
  • Business Value in Big Data Sat May 23rd
  • Sliver of Clinton emails hint at lingering political trouble
  • How to bolster the skills of your inhouse IT team
  • Why security questions are complete rubbish
  • How can companies protect themselves from Point of Sale POS malware
  • Why are there so few women in the tech industry
  • Creating order from content chaos
  • Nexus 6 review Four months with Googles tablet
  • Optimising data science and big data
  • Why apps are key to the success of Windows 10
  • Lessons in data from the GE2015 campaign Four key insights
  • University of London Computer Centre hit by cyber attack
  • Feds and cops busted as hacker dump exposes ties to adultdating site
  • Free Archive Migration Monitoring
  • Tomorrowland in Dolby Cinema the best picture Ive seen in a theater
  • The bizarre and often hilarious world of Grand Theft Auto V mods
  • Speak toy Welcome to the age of chatting with your teddy bear


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