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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • US Govt proposal to classify Hacking Tools as Weapons of War w Export Regulations.
  • Bring your own cloud Understanding the right policies for employees CloudTech
  • Cloud Providers to Focus on Security for Corporate Users The National Law Review
  • Emoji language or funny faces
  • Douglas Corner hacked by possible IS supporters The Tennessean
  • Adult Dating Site Hacked Personal Details Leaked Wall Street Journal blog
  • Emerson Patches SQL Injection Vulnerability in ICS Product
  • How to back up all your Gmail emails
  • Windows 10 Build 10122s AMD problem fixed new release now safe for all to install
  • What Congress Should Do About Cybersecurity
  • Senate leader pushes to extend NSA phone dragnet
  • My Notes On Northsec 2015
  • The 404 Show 1615 Your attention span sucks Light Phone Internet security .
  • What are cellphone networks blabbing about you to the Feds A US senator wants to know
  • The Google execs the journalists plus Brit and US spybosses in a cosy mansion confab
  • For US Allies a Paradigm Shift in Intelligence Collection NewsFactor Network
  • NETWORK SECURITY Adult Dating Site Hack Exposes Personal Data of Millions Top Tech News
  • Fresh Initiative Focuses on Cybercareers for Women
  • PoS Malware Surge to Push NGFW Market Ahead
  • Fake Minecraft Apps for Android See 2.8 Million Downloads
  • NA DSA3269 postgresql9.1 security update
  • NA DSA3270 postgresql9.4 security update
  • Cisco Unified Communications Manager Input Validation Flaws Permit CrossSite Scripting and CrossSite Request Forgery Attacks
  • Cisco Hosted Collaboration Solution Input Validation Flaw Lets Remote Authenticated Users Execute Arbitrary Commands
  • Lazy Coordinated Attacks Against Old Vulnerabilities Fri May 22nd
  • Imagination Unveils Security Platform for SoCs
  • Spy Agencies Target Links to Google Mobile App Stores Reports Claim
  • SAP Security Notes May 2015
  • Hacktivity 2015 CFP
  • 0day Mailbird XSS
  • Hue 3.7.1 Local Privilege Escalation
  • call for paperinformation retrieval privacy
  • Broken Abandoned and Forgotten Code Part 5
  • Report $19M breach settlement between MasterCard Target terminated
  • IC3 report says social mediarelated complaints quadrupled over five years
  • Investigation ongoing in reported multimillion member Adult FriendFinder breach
  • Study 86 percent of websites contain at least one serious vulnerability
  • Thousands of Bellevue Hospital Center patients notified of data breach
  • Hospitals in at least 3 states affected by employee data breach
  • Government backdoor security concerns prompt letter to President
  • Love virus alert Sexual data of 4mn adult website users reportedly exposed by hackers
  • Adult dating site hack exposes sexual secrets of millions
  • BackupExec 15 Readers Choice Award
  • How to Successfully Harvest Value from Open Data
  • FBI admits it didnt crack any major cases with Patriot Act powers
  • Professor Klaus Brunnstein
  • Short Takes Daily Whats going on in the world of Microsoft for Friday May 22 2015
  • Selling on your Android
  • Apple Store app 2FA
  • Question from The Audience HIPAA on Data and Record Retention
  • Friday Squid Blogging Giant Squid Washes Up in New Zealand
  • CNETs LG G4 Giveaway
  • Live almost anywhere on Earth in futuristic Ecocapsule
  • Mozilla overhauls Firefox smartphone plan to focus on quality not cost
  • Tomorrowland is first movie to use Dolby Vision
  • The 404 Show 1615 Your attention span sucks Light Phone Internet security rooting roms and more podcast
  • Microsofts Windows app stores still cesspool of copyright infringement
  • Google shows how pathetic those security questions really are
  • Adopt a Gremlin Specialeffects wiz auctioning off movie treasures
  • Woman reportedly shoots self in head while taking selfie


  • Google Search