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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Checkpoint Firewall HTML Export Auditor
  • Rethinking Repackaging iOS Apps Part 2
  • Didier Stevens NAFT Version update version 0.0.9 adds support for YARA
  • How to make two binaries with the same MD5 hash
  • From 6454 to 101 Bruteforce download at
  • Passive Subdomain Enumeration via the data
  • How to crack many Master Lock combinations in eight tries or less
  • Actively exploited WordPress bug puts millions of sites at risk
  • ProtectWise Named A Gartner 2015 Cool Vendor In Cloud Security Services PR Newswire press release
  • Inside Australias body part museum
  • Devastating reality of smuggling
  • ThreatMetrix Cybercrime Report Q1 2015 Out. Has Cybercrime Surging in Wake of Data Breaches.
  • Written by Ashraf Wahab
  • Kochi Metro Rail Website Hacked by Pakistanis International Business Times India Edition
  • Serious Security Flaws Found in Hospira LifeCare Drug Pumps
  • CyberLock IOActive Argue Over Disclosure of Electronic Lock Flaws
  • Developing and Assessing your DLP Strategy Part 1
  • Rombertik malware is not a suicide bomb that will destroy your PC
  • USBKill Shut your computer down with a USB stick before the police get to it
  • IBM and Facebook team up to offer tailored marketing
  • France gains sweeping NSAstyle surveillance powers
  • Dropbox for iOS adds new Recents tab supports comments
  • Oculus Rift starts shipping Q1 2016
  • Working in IT is getting more stressful
  • Generate amazing fractal art with Mandelbulb 3D
  • Europeans leaving Android smartphones for iPhones
  • Who needs the cloud when youve got Sunshine
  • Another massive security risk found in Lenovo computers company issues a patch
  • Intel releases Xeon E7 v3 processors featuring up to 18 cores
  • Ops security team gaps lead to SAP vulnerabilities says vendor
  • New Ransomware Crypt0L0cker Leads to Unwanted Chaos
  • Microsoft says that Attacks with Macro Malware are Increasing
  • Linux and BSD Web Servers Infected with Mumblehard Malware
  • Google survey finds more than five million users infected with adware
  • NSA is so overwhelmed with data its no longer effective
  • Hacking Drug Infusion Pumps never so easy
  • Microsofts killing of Patch Tuesday is long overdue
  • Android cellular voice channel used as new covert channel to leak info spread malware
  • BYOD causes huge privacy concerns Dell
  • AVG Acquires Privax a Global Leader in Personal Privacy Solutions
  • An Insiders Look at the History of Cybersecurity
  • Cisco warns of evasive and suicidal Rombertik computer virus
  • Hospital group criticized for emailing health information
  • Digital transformation affects every business says Martin Kuppinger
  • Security pros must look out for IoT threats says GE CISO
  • Finnish banking startup Holvi speeds up online identity verification
  • Naked Security Sophos Apple confirms tattooed wrists confuse Watch
  • Naked Security Sophos Accused game hacker flees to Europe says he cant afford defence
  • Naked Security Sophos Microsoft Word Intruder the malware that writes new malware for you
  • Naked Security Sophos Geolocation traces stolen watch right to suspects left wrist
  • Naked Security Sophos Grooveshark is back already. Or is it
  • Naked Security Sophos Spamming diet pill pusher Sale Slash has assets frozen by FTC
  • Naked Security Sophos Can the Rombertik malware really destroy computers No no three times NO
  • Troj MSILCTM
  • Troj MSILCTN
  • Troj VBIOE
  • Troj MSILCTO
  • Troj AgentAMUM


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