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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Dumping user passwords in plaintext on Windows 8.1 and Server 2012
  • XKPasswd Secure Memorable Passwords
  • OPINION Cyber security industry comes under a cloud Noosa News
  • Security in the age of Cloud Express Computer
  • DoD grants new security approvals to 23 cloud providers
  • Australias first roadlegal solar sports car revs up
  • Security Solutions Build or Buy
  • Microsoft Launches OnPremises Advanced Threat Analytics Solution
  • Anonymous publishes Baltimore Police officials emails and passwords after Freddie Gray death
  • Microsoft Office 2016 Public Preview now available
  • Microsoft now sells the inexpensive Lumia 435 Windows Phone should you buy it
  • Apple releases guidelines for thirdparty Apple Watch bands
  • Birst shapes data analytics around the user
  • Android Lollipop close to 10 percent market share KitKat still reigns supreme
  • ShoppingGid
  • WInFix Pro
  • M2M World Congress offers timeless insights from the Great Architect of the Universe
  • Big data analytics are the future of cyber security
  • EMC moves to allay customer cloud and data loss fears with Data Domain DD9500
  • FireEye offers new details on customer liability shields under the SAFETY Act
  • Mobile ransomware targets Canadian porn viewers
  • Naked Security Sophos Police arrest Virginia Tech student over Yik Yak threat
  • Naked Security Sophos Bugs in the hospital how to pwn your own pethidine machine
  • Netflix Releases FIDO Incident Response Tool
  • Angler Exploit Kit Bedep Malware Inflating Video Views
  • Accused Aussie game hacker flees to Europe ahead of trial
  • Secure your home networkand every device attached to itin 3 simple steps PCWorld
  • Transition Networks to Showcase Solutions for Security and Substation . Business Wire press release
  • Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 32501 wordpress security update
  • Ecommerce Giant Alibaba Builds Secure Mobile OS for Chinese Cops
  • Sally Beauty Admits it May Have Been Breached Again
  • IBM DB2 Audit and Monitoring Facility Discloses Passwords to Remote Authenticated Users
  • IBM WebSphere Commerce Debug Logging Lets Local Users Obtain Potentially Sensitive Information
  • IBM WebSphere Application Server Unspecified Flaw Lets Remote Users Execute Arbitrary Code
  • Rombertik malware wipes hard drives to prevent detection
  • TLS 1.2 MD5based ServerKeyExchange signature accepted by default
  • Automating incident response lets IDT take battle to the enemy
  • The Upload Your tech news briefing for Tuesday May 5
  • Cybercriminals borrow from APT playbook in attack against PoS vendors
  • vPhotoAlbum v4.2 iOS File Include Web Vulnerability
  • Fortinet FortiAnalyzer FortiManager Client Side Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
  • Facebook begins integrating Nokias Here Maps before sale
  • EE top mobile internet reliability survey
  • Introducing Case A Bitcoin wallet for the paranoid
  • Why AdidasGo is your new favourite running partner
  • Internet over sex Londoners spend 12 hours a day connected
  • How to get started on Twitter
  • How to ask the Big Data questions that matter
  • Apple Watch skin irritation issues here comes rashgate
  • OMG emojis overtake internet slang on Instagram
  • WikiLeaks reveals updated anonymous data submission system
  • A New Chapter in the Fight for Civil Liberties
  • New infostealer tries to foil analysis attempts by wiping hard drive
  • USBKill turns thumb drives into computer kill switches
  • New AlphaCrypt ransomware delivered via Angler EK
  • The Conference of Culture
  • Police arrest Virginia Tech student over Yik Yak threat
  • May OWASP Boston Meeting at Akamai
  • Hackers blamed for Bridezilla post on photographers Facebook page


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