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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Quietly Mapping the Network Attack Surface
  • SecToolMarket industrywide webappsec scanner benchmark updated Arachni tops the list
  • PHP hash comparison you might be doing it wrong.
  • Cape police Group claims city computer system web site hacked Fort Myers Beach Observer
  • EllisLab Users Advised to Change Passwords After Data Breach
  • Thousands of top Android apps found engaging in suspicious activities
  • Facebook launches Platform and opens up to more developers
  • Collect organize and share your text notes with NoteCase Pro Lite
  • Spanning launches automated protection for Office 365
  • Watch Microsoft CEO Satya Nadellas Ignite keynote here live
  • Companies team up to create powerful Internet of Things solution
  • Hard Rock Hotel and Casino warns of possible payment card hack
  • AVGs Marco La Vecchia named among CRN Channel Chiefs
  • Naked Security Sophos Memories of the LOVE BUG 15 years ago today
  • Troj BankerGKI
  • Troj WontonRG
  • Troj MSILInjHH
  • Troj BankerGKJ
  • Troj AgentAMXI
  • Troj MSILCRZ
  • Troj MSILCSA
  • Troj VBINV
  • Attackers Peddling Malware via CareerBuilder
  • Chris Hjelm Is Krogers BoardLevel CIO
  • Resilient Systems Builds The First Platform For Security Response Management
  • Power management Dualpurpose router streamlines industrial network . Utility Products
  • Increased encryption a doubleedged sword
  • Dell SonicWall Releases TZ Series Firewalls for SMBs The VAR Guy
  • Bugtraq Grindr v2.1.1 iOS Bounty 1 Session Auth Bypass Vulnerabilities
  • Bugtraq Grindr v2.1.1 iOS eMail Session Vulnerability
  • Bugtraq Grindr 2.1.1 iOS Bug Bounty 2 Denial of Service Software Vulnerability
  • Bugtraq PhotoWebsite v3.1 iOS File Include Web Vulnerability
  • High MDVSA2015 219 Updated curl packages fix security.
  • Medium MDVSA2015 220 Updated curl packages fix security.
  • Alleviating the BYOD hangover in the enterprise
  • Clam AntiVirus Multiple File Processing Flaws Let Remote Users Deny Service
  • Acronis to work on joint research with Singapore government
  • Skype Dangerous Advertising
  • The Upload Your tech news briefing for Monday May 4
  • Researchers play cat and mouse with Googles antiphishing Chrome extension
  • Code Injection in Epicor Retail Store
  • SECURITY DSA 32441 owncloud security update
  • SECURITY DSA 32451 ruby1.8 security update
  • SECURITY DSA 32461 ruby1.9.1 security update
  • SECURITY DSA 32471 ruby2.1 security update
  • SECURITY DSA 32481 libphpsnoopy security update
  • MDVSA2015 220 curl
  • MDVSA2015 219 curl
  • SECURITY DSA 32491 jqueryui security update
  • HUAWEI MobiConnect Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
  • Cisco Newsroom Client Side Cross Site Scripting Vulnerability
  • Grindr v2.1.1 iOS Bounty 1 Session Auth Bypass Vulnerabilities
  • Grindr v2.1.1 iOS eMail Session Vulnerability
  • Grindr 2.1.1 iOS Bug Bounty 2 Denial of Service Software Vulnerability
  • PhotoWebsite v3.1 iOS File Include Web Vulnerability
  • Leaked Lumia specs suggest Microsoft is going all in
  • opens arms to developers as Facebook responds to criticism
  • iPad Pro will be 12.9in tablet with Force Touch display
  • The negative impact of immigration policies on the tech industry
  • Periscope streaming app delivers piracy knockout


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