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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Vulnerable By Design ~ VulnHub Some nice CTF
  • Obsolete platforms security guidance aka how to defend
  • Minimize threats through public cloud security testing TechTarget
  • The reason people are angry online
  • Whos using your Facebook
  • Cape police Group claims city computer system web site hacked Lehigh Acres Citizen
  • Official website of Kochi Metro hacked restored Economic Times
  • A quantum leap into the future of computing
  • Microsoft needs to cut the mobile cancer from Windows 10
  • Tesla Motors website and Twitter account were hacked VentureBeat
  • iOS 8 Passcode Policies Confused
  • ACLU wants NSA phone dragnet killed
  • Naked Security Sophos The worst spam senders in the whole wide world 60 Sec Security VIDEO
  • Troj HkMainDK
  • Troj JenxLnkE
  • Troj VBIHK
  • Troj WontonRD
  • Troj ZbotJPI
  • Troj VBINN
  • Troj AgentAMPF
  • Troj VBINO
  • Troj VBINP
  • CVE20150714
  • HewlettPackard Partners with Cybersecuritys FireEye NewsFactor Network
  • Cryptzone Network Security Survey Reveals Organizations Continue to Rely on . Cryptzone
  • Phishing Attack Targets Job Seekers on CareerBuilder CIO Today
  • High CVE20153416 The sqlite3VXPrintf function in printf.c in.
  • Medium CVE20153417 Useafterfree vulnerability in the.
  • Medium DSA3236 libreoffice security update
  • High CVE20151882 Multiple race conditions in IBM WebSphere.
  • Medium CVE20151908 Crosssite scripting XSS vulnerability in IBM.
  • Critical CVE20152116 Unspecified vulnerability in HP Storage Data.
  • High CVE20152117 HP TippingPoint Security Management System.
  • Medium CVE20152706 Race condition in the.
  • Medium CVE20146090 Multiple crosssite request forgery CSRF.
  • Medium CVE20150113 The Jazz help system in IBM Rational.
  • Low CVE20152115 Unspecified vulnerability in HP Capture and.
  • Medium CVE20150175 IBM WebSphere Application Server WAS 8.5.
  • Critical CVE20151885 WebSphereOauth20SP.ear in IBM WebSphere.
  • Medium CVE20150176 Crosssite scripting XSS vulnerability in MQ.
  • Medium CVE20146092 IBM Curam Social Program Management SPM 5.2.
  • Medium CVE20150174 The SNMP implementation in IBM WebSphere.
  • Medium CVE20151151 Wiki Server in Apple OS X Server before 4.1.
  • Medium CVE20151863 Heapbased buffer overflow in wpa supplicant.
  • Medium CVE20150708 Cisco IOS 15.4S 15.4SN and 15.5S and IOS XE.
  • Medium CVE20151150 The Firewall component in Apple OS X Server.
  • Medium CVE20150709 Cisco IOS 15.5S and IOS XE allow remote.
  • Medium CVE20151774 The HWP filter in LibreOffice before 4.3.7 and.
  • Medium CVE20150710 The Overlay Transport Virtualization OTV.
  • Medium USN25811 NetworkManager vulnerability
  • Medium CVE20150711 The hamgr service in the IPv6 Proxy Mobile PM.
  • Low CVE20153340 Xen 4.2.x through 4.5.x does not initialize.
  • Medium DSA32 icecast2 security update
  • Medium CVE20153026 Icecast before 2.4.2 when a stream auth.
  • Medium CVE20153447 Multiple crosssite scripting XSS.
  • Low CVE20153448 REST client for Ruby aka restclient before.
  • Medium CVE20151397 SQL injection vulnerability in the getCsvFile.
  • Medium CVE20151322 Directory traversal vulnerability in the Ubuntu.
  • Medium CVE20151398 Multiple directory traversal vulnerabilities in.
  • Medium CVE20151399 PHP remote file inclusion vulnerability in the.


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