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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • BlackHat Asia 2015 new presentation on browserspecific weaknesses pdf
  • HARES Hardened AntiReverse Engineering System Technical Whitepaper
  • Security of Infrastructure Secrets
  • Secure Channels CEO Comments on Pending US Cybersecurity Legislation
  • 100 of UK Organisations Surveyed Suffer Multiple Attacks on Keys and Certificates According to Venafi and Ponemon Institute Research
  • Mitigating the Consequences of Data Loss with Service Automation
  • Annual Secunia Vulnerability Review 2015
  • Nigerian officials extend voting to Sunday amid technological problems Alaska Dispatch News
  • British Airways frequentflyer accounts hacked The Guardian
  • British Airways suffers cyberattack affecting thousands of frequent flyer accounts
  • Air France website hacked by Algerian Mujahideen
  • Florida websites hacked have content swapped with Muslim video
  • Sarawak Report website hacked story deleted Free Malaysia Today
  • Air France website hacked by Algerian Mujahideen International Business Times UK
  • TAILS Linux WARNING v.1.3.1 re tailsautotestremoteshell
  • Blogger murdered in Bangladesh
  • Hackers target freedom of information site
  • Jega grapples with cyber theft
  • Another blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh police
  • On the cutting edge Hackers experiment with technology during Penn State event
  • Another blogger hacked to death in Bangladesh police say
  • Sarawak Report website hacked story deleted
  • Slack and Twitch get hacked highlighting how startup technologies have become a vulnerable target for hackers
  • Troj KeygenMU
  • Troj MSILCGK
  • Troj MSILCGL
  • Troj AutoItAXJ
  • Troj MSILCGN
  • Mal ZbotTR
  • Mal MSILNR
  • Troj KeygenMV
  • Troj BanloaBRM
  • Troj MSILCGJ
  • Probing the Whole Internet for Weak Spots MIT Technology Review
  • Five essential Internet safety tips from Google ThaiVisa News
  • CVE20152786
  • CVE20152785
  • CVE20150999
  • CVE20150998
  • CVE20150997
  • CVE20150528
  • CVE20149205
  • CVE20145428
  • CVE20145427
  • CVE20137438
  • CVE20137437
  • New .bank Domains For Sale Soon
  • Jailed Brit con phishes prison gets bail
  • Starryeyed hackers stuff Eurovisions voting app
  • Unlimited stolen Uber accounts flogged for $5
  • David Camerons Passport number emailed to footyhead
  • US Preps To Fight Terror with Tech CIO Today
  • NA CVE20152786 Unspecified vulnerability in MyBB aka.
  • NA CVE20137437 Multiple integer overflows in potrace 1.11.
  • NA CVE20137438 Multiple buffer overflows in pbm212030 allow.
  • NA CVE20152785 The GIF encoder in Byzanz allows remote.
  • Ignorance could be bliss for next generations of business
  • Puush calls for password change after malware hit
  • Joomla Gallery WD SQL Injection
  • Wordpress asposedocexporter Plugin Arbitrary File Download Vulnerability


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