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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • LogPOS New Point of Sale Malware Using Mailslots
  • Explaining the PostgreSQL passthehash vulnerability
  • How to catch integer overflows with template metaprogramming Capn Proto Security Advisory
  • Coreboot Blocked from Recent Thinkpads by Intel Boot Guard
  • Now you can easily send free encrypted messages between Android iOS
  • 8 steps to secure your data center in the distributed computing era InfoWorld
  • Cloud computing security and privacy fears stopping EU from moving to . Computing
  • IBM Expects $40 Billion in Sales from Analytics Cloud Mobile Security by 2018 The VAR Guy
  • AWS gets the cloud reboot drill down ZDNet
  • Validian Collaborates With Southern Data Solutions to Enhance Security of . PR Newswire press release
  • Fortune Cloud security software vendor Veracode files for IPO HACK Seeking Alpha registration
  • Most incredible cars of the near future
  • How The Real Housewives will liberate N Korea
  • The man who answers the ungoogleable questions
  • Virtual reality game simulates work
  • Apparently Tinder hates old people
  • Security Threats to Software Defined Network SDN
  • Is Your Favourite Website Spying On You
  • Security Guide Limiting The Damage From Data Breaches
  • Experts Comment on Cyberattacks Targeting Fund Trading Algorithms
  • Barracuda Rebrands eSignature Solution SignNow to CudaSign
  • New gTLD Portals Taken Offline by ICANN Due to Security Flaw
  • Amazon avoids big cloud reboot over Xen flaw
  • Govt to adopt all changes to data retention bill
  • Oh Uber Data breach of 50000 drivers caused by security key left on public GitHub page
  • Is the bug bounty program concept flawed
  • YouTube gets a case of March Madness as NCAA tournament approaches
  • Yu Yureka successor Project Caesar with Android Lollipopbased Cyanogen OS 12 to launch in India in April
  • Protecting your brand in the new domain name era
  • HexBrowser.NET identifies mystery files from their contents
  • More screenshots of Windows 10 build 10022 leak on to the web
  • BlackBerry will keep making smartphones unveils Leap midranger new slider
  • Hackers Cut in Line at the Burning Man Ticket SaleAnd Get Caught Wired
  • Threat Finder
  • IncludeMaker
  • Lightscinema
  • Sophisticated Malware Steals Millions from Banks Kaspersky
  • Kaspersky Exposes the Framework of a Massive CyberEspionage Group
  • dlink router vulnerabilities
  • Banking on wearables Time for finance sector to take smart devices seriously
  • DLink patches router promises more fixes
  • But WAY classier than PostIts right
  • The Fix Hacked emails indicate that Hillary Clinton used a domain registered the day of her Senate hearings
  • Sense ID is Qualcomms ultrasonic answer to Apples Touch ID
  • AVG Launches Secure SignOn for Service Providers and Small Businesses
  • Why IoT should stand for Illusion of Trust
  • From Nottingham to Barcelona in 17 Years
  • MWC Silent Circle unveils Blackphone plus tablet and Blackphone 2 smartphone
  • Geofencing could add security layer for mobile devices
  • How to connect to enterprise WiFi security on Android devices
  • Naked Security Sophos Uber subpoenas GitHub in search for hacker of driver database
  • Naked Security Sophos Woman reunited with stolen iPhone thanks to accidental Facebook selfie post
  • Naked Security Sophos Is this the ultimate spam fail
  • Naked Security Sophos Facebook explains when and why it peeps at your account
  • Troj AgentALUK
  • Troj BancosCAZ
  • Troj DwnLdrMHB
  • Troj HupigonVU
  • Troj HupigonVZ


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