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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Security vulnerabilities in Oracle DSR CVE20146598 writeup
  • Windbg extension to find kernel pages allocated by PatchGuard
  • Dutch judge allows alleged sophisticated Russian hacker to be sent to US
  • Federal market slowly ramps up cloud computing adoption TechTarget
  • 5 Critical Cloud Security Practices InformationWeek
  • Phishing Drill
  • $9.5 Billion Being Invested to Make U.S. Smarter
  • Leading newspaper site hacked Biztech Africa
  • Malaysia Airlines website hacked by Cyber Caliphate
  • Taylor Swifts Twitter and Instagram accounts hacked Naked Security
  • Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked
  • Area Woman Says Her Website Was Hacked By ISIS Sympathizers LAist
  • Cybercriminals Encrypt Website Databases in RansomWeb Attacks
  • New Zeus Variant Uses Sophisticated Control Panel Researchers
  • Slow and Low The Tempo for Todays Latest Round of Attacks
  • Google faces a Sisyphean task to remove terrorist content from YouTube
  • A single DDoS attack could cost over $400000
  • Smartphones Apple ties with Samsung Android still growing Windows Phone still failing
  • Federal cyber security rules should learn from industry guidelines
  • How the Health of Things could replace your trip to the doctors QA
  • New business collaboration platform secures data with personalized cryptography
  • US firms dont want to hand over source code and provide backdoors to Chinese government
  • Malaysia Airlines Website Hacked by Cyber Caliphate Tech Times
  • Londonbased charity hacked by proIsis group The Guardian
  • Malaysia Air site hacked some customer data appears online Yahoo News UK
  • Warning Ghost bug in Linux servers
  • 11 Ways to Migrate Lotus Notes Applications to SharePoint and Office 365
  • Blackphones supersecure communications app had serious flaw
  • Research for scifi book
  • Taylor Swift denies Twitter hackers nude pictures claim
  • VMware and Avaya to deliver Hybrid Cloud service on vCloud Air
  • CSIRO to pilot online privacy tool
  • AVG Technologies to Announce Financial Results
  • Celebrity hacks why do they continue
  • 25 Passwords You Should Avoid
  • Bill Gates warns tech world to watch out for Terminators
  • Criminals holding compromised websites for ransom
  • Naked Security Sophos Hotels that block personal WiFi hotspots will get busted says FCC
  • Naked Security Sophos The GHOST vulnerability what you need to know
  • Symantec revives Veritas amid storage spinoff
  • FCC Warns Businesses WiFi Blocking is Illegal
  • GitHub Doubles Down on Maximum Bug Bounty Payouts
  • FTC Warns of the Huge Security Risks in the Internet of Things Wired
  • HTC warns of internet security scam making the rounds SCNow
  • Akamai PLXserts Q4 2014 State of the Internet Security Report Released The Providence Journal
  • This Popular Wireless Alarm System Can Be Hacked With A Magnet And Scotch Tape
  • Supersonic Bloodhound car techies in screaming 650mph comms test
  • Microsoft Outlook comes to iOS Android MS email now a bit less painful on mobile
  • remote VSAT Sailor 900 Remote Exploit
  • webapps ManageEngine Firewall Analyzer 8.0 Directory Traversal XSS Vulnerabilities
  • local OS X 10.10.x Gatekeeper bypass Vulnerability
  • local UniPDF 1.1 Crash PoC SEH overwritten
  • local Microsoft Windows Server 2003 SP2 Privilege Escalation
  • papers Analysis of CVE20144113 Windows Privilege Escalation Vulnerability
  • dos FreeBSD Kernel Multiple Vulnerabilities
  • Snowden reveals LEVITATION technique of Canadas spies
  • Dan Verwiel Northrop Helps Assess Security of MDAs Missile Defense Networks ExecutiveBiz blog
  • Security is top of mind for Internet of Things Thread Group FierceWireless
  • Bugtraq AST2015001 File descriptor leak when incompatible codecs are offered
  • Bugtraq KL0012015001 Windows 2003 tcpip.sys Privilege Escalation


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