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   Latest 60 Security News and Alerts from all the top Security NEWS SOURCES

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  • Drupal malware could have affected up to 12 million websites
  • MWR Labs Windows Services All roads lead to SYSTEM
  • Reversing DLinks WPS Pin Algorithm
  • Drupal sites had hours to patch before attacks started
  • HomeSecurityAchieving Total Vision of Enterprise Assets FedTech Magazine
  • Nato frontline in lifeordeath war on cyberterrorists The Guardian
  • Bugtraq SEC Consult SA201410310 XML External Entity Injection XXE and Reflected XSS in Scalix Web Access
  • Bugtraq SE201401 Missing patches inaccurate information regarding Oracle Oct CPU
  • Bugtraq SECURITY DSA 30601 linux security update
  • iOS App Vulnerability Exposed GroupMe Accounts
  • New RAT Hijacks COM Objects for Persistence Stealthiness
  • How to choose the file sharing service thats right for your business
  • Google announces the scariest places in Europe for Halloween click here if you dare
  • Chinas internet chief accuses US of hacking but says talks unhindered Times of India
  • George Clooney finds a writer for his phone hacking movie A.V. Club
  • Pirate Bay founder guilty of hacking government files faces six years in prison The Independent
  • Morocco Coleman the Hacker Is Wasting His Time Morocco World News
  • Severson says his campaign website was hacked Minnesota Public Radio News blog
  • Swedish hacker finds serious vulnerability in OS X Yosemite Macworld UK
  • Pirate Bay Founder Convicted of Hacking PC Magazine
  • Drupal users Assume your site was hacked if you didnt apply Oct. 15 patch . PCWorld
  • Pirate Bay cofounder convicted in Denmarks largest hacking case ever Ars Technica
  • Police Exboyfriend sent nude photos of Pasadena teacher to students
  • The Wall Street Journal J.P. Morgan discovered hack after finding breach of race website
  • Swedish hacker finds serious39 vulnerability in OS X Yosemite
  • Vodafone asks how data retention applies to M2M
  • Swedish hacker finds serious vulnerability in OS X Yosemite
  • Twitters MoPub ad exchange grabs Verizon tracking cookies and more may follow
  • Millions of websites at risk from Drupal software flaw
  • PCI security council publishes security awareness guide
  • GroupMe for iOS Patched Against Account TakeOver Flaw
  • Upatre Malware Dropper Sent to Bitstamp Exchange Users
  • Teachers ex accused of hacking email sending nude pics to students
  • Troj AgentAJRZ
  • Troj AgentAJSA
  • Troj AgentAJSB
  • Troj FareitDG
  • Troj InjectBFZ
  • Troj InjectBGA
  • Troj KryptikEE
  • Troj RansomANH
  • Troj ZbotJDA
  • Verify users cannot confirm identities
  • Credit risk management software spending to grow 9
  • Google Working on Tool to Gather Stats While Preserving Privacy
  • Facebook Creates .Onion Site Now Accessible Via Tor Network
  • Sky ponders 200000customer MVNO trial. Soft launch anyone
  • Bugtraq security bulletin HPSBPI03147 rev.1 Certain HP Color LaserJet Printers Remote Unauthorized Access Denial of Service DoS
  • Bugtraq security bulletin HPSBUX03162 SSRT101767 rev.1 HPUX Running OpenSSL Remote Denial of Service DoS Unauthorized Access ManintheMid
  • Bugtraq SYSS2014008 McAfee File and Removable Media Protection FRP EEFF EERM Use of a OneWay Hash with a Predictable Salt CVE20148565
  • Vuln ImageMagick DeleteImageProfile Function Denial of Service Vulnerability
  • Vuln ImageMagick DCM Decode Denial of Service Vulnerability
  • Multilanguage support Not your everyday spam
  • High HPSBUX03162 SSRT101767 HPUX Running OpenSSL Remote Denial of Service DoS Unauthorized Access ManintheMiddle MitM Attack
  • NA CVE20146150 Crosssite scripting XSS vulnerability in IBM.
  • NA VU447516 Linksys SMART WiFi firmware contains multiple vulnerabilities
  • NA CVE20143366 SQL injection vulnerability in the.
  • NA CVE20143375 Multiple crosssite scripting XSS.
  • NA CVE20143373 Multiple crosssite scripting XSS.
  • NA CVE20146101 Crosssite scripting XSS vulnerability in the.


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