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  • Mostly complete Linux.Wifatch source code
  • Project Zero Major Kaspersky Internet Security Design Flaw
  • Patreon Hacked Gigabytes Of Data And Code Leaked TechCrunch
  • Obama Wont Seek Access to Encrypted User Data
  • Microsoft using India as a testing ground for new Android dialer app
  • View and manage your Office addins with OfficeIns
  • I had to help my dad uninstall Windows 10 over the phone
  • Do you guys use the touch screens to log in access
  • Googles Inability To Force Software Updates Threatens Android
  • Stunning Photos Of Googles Massive Data Centers
  • LogMeIn Buys LastPass Password Manager for $110 Million CIO Today
  • NRF and FBI Call for PINs for ChipBased Credit Cards
  • Netgear Router Exploit in the wild
  • Cost of Breaking SHA1 decreases due to a new Collision Attack
  • Apple Pulls AdBlocking Apps Over SSL TLS Security
  • Mobile security that businesses can take to the bank and beyond
  • Breaking down regulation barriers to cloud adoption
  • How being a victim of cyber crime made me an even bigger target for hackers
  • The week in security Kmart DJs hacked as report confirms Target ignored . CSO Australia
  • Hackers exploit serious unpatched Netgear router DNS vulnerability
  • CO Juvenile arrested in connection to threats made at Rangeview High School
  • ETrade notifies 31000 customers that their contact info may have been breached in 2013 hack
  • UK Council investigating claims of data protection breach over eligible pupils at UTC
  • Jihadist leaks addresses of Army Sgt. Dillard Johnson Navy SEAL Rob ONeill
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