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  • Phishing Attack Vectors using dnstwist and Splunk
  • Bitdefender Named to CRN 2015 Cloud Partner Program Business Wire press release
  • Fortinet unveils security to protect cloud SDN data centre environments The Nation
  • How to Maintain Security Due Diligence in the Cloud EnterpriseTech
  • Enterprise IT bucks fly to the cloud
  • Hackers see cloud as a fruitbearing jackpot for cyber attacks Computing
  • Avnet Adds Cloud Security Provider Alert Logic to Portfolio Business Wire press release
  • CSC Adds OnDemand Workload Protection to its Suite of Cloud Security Services MarketWatch
  • Digital memory eroding human memory
  • Lunar X Prize team books rocket
  • Belgian parents get spyinthecar
  • AI had IQ of a fouryearold child
  • Cisco disrupts $30m hacking operation
  • Mobiles to load news articles faster
  • IS shifts propaganda to Telegram app
  • China US Cybersecurity Agreement
  • Organisations Outsourcing IT Capabilities to Rid the Balance Sheet of the Capex Hit
  • Stagefright Bug Affects 1 Billion Android Devices
  • Introducing Penetration Testing Certifications
  • Cybersecurity Meet Software Asset Management
  • Acquiring Code Green Networks
  • Complexity is the Real Vulnerability
  • Rethinking Network Architecture and the Security Layer
  • Trump Hotels payment system was hacked for nearly a year and its Toronto . Financial Post
  • Microsoft Leaks User Account Identifiers in Clear Text
  • Malicious Android Adware Infects Devices in 20 Countries
  • Changes in Control System Standards Ease Procurement IEC 6244324 Updates
  • Developers of Mysterious Wifatch Malware Come Forward
  • Cloud more at risk than ever says report
  • Chinese Hackers Breached LoopPay a Contributor to Samsung Pay
  • Easily transcribe media files with Listen N Write
  • Large organizations struggle with enduser mobile computing
  • Can your heartbeat be hacked
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